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Metadistro libreprojects-gforge-live

Sunday 11 January 2004

(JPEG) This is a Debian GNU/Linux live distro with an adaptation of That is, a powerful collaborative web tool, adapted to manage any kind of libre project (of free knowledge). (GIF) You can install this free software and have your own site running in minutes. Also you can join your initiative (for instance in your university or in your community) with other similar initiatives, forming a ring, a net of libre projects "libraries".

You can download (mirror, mirror2, MD5) our libreprojects-gforge-live.

You can see a demo of the libreprojects-gforge-live running. We are doing tests and installations in this machine and probably you can see some bugs. The admin username and password is admin/libre.


We are using to develop this free software. You can subscribe to our mailing lists.

Register you site

As we are trying to make a distributed ring of similar initiatives, please register your site if you are using this distro. We’ll use this info for sindicate the initiatives.


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