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New realease of the metadistro libreprojects-gforge-live 0.1-rc6

Friday 16 April 2004 by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado

You can download (mirror, mirror2, MD5) our libreprojects-gforge-live 0.1-rc6.

Register you site

As we are trying to make a distributed ring of similar initiatives, please register your site if you are using this distro. We’ll use this info for sindicate the initiatives.


 * New gforge-plugin-globalsearch (new code)
 * ntpdate live sincronization
 * root SCSI partition support
 * security packages update
 * hardware recognition database update
 * Drop duplicates in /etc/aliases
 * MX for users. and lists.
 * changes now IP in /etc/hosts
 * Now apache also in port 443 (https)
 * Restore of /usr/share/gforge/common/mail/  
 * $sys_project_reg_restricted=false; by default, anybody can add a project
 * /etc/ldap/slapd.conf grant to access mailing list
 * nautilus installation and new install desktop icon
 * 2.4.25 kernel
 * squash_fs image compression
 * New jobs categories (from the ISCO-88 normative)

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